Trademark "Sposa-lia", a well-known trademark in the wedding fashion world, offers luxury wedding dresses for the pretty ladies. Our outfits are popular as we provide high quality products at affordable prices.

Our company is always happy to welcome entrepreneurs looking forward to long-term and fruitful cooperation for the sake of mutual success.

“Sposa-lia” has been successfully working with many partners for many years, but it is not going to stop there. Despite the obvious positive results, we are constantly evolving and need new partners. For our part, we guarantee strict compliance with the obligations assumed.

Our terms of cooperation:

"Sposa-lia" offers to cooperate under the following conditions:

  • since we sell wedding dresses wholesale, your minimum order must be at least 2 outfits for the first order;
  • when placing an order, please clearly indicate the model number, desired quantity, color and exact dimensions according to the size chart:



  • You can place an order by phone, via e-mail, Skype, directly on the company's website;
  • delivery time depends on the volume and complexity, it can be about 12 working days;
  • we start work on your order after you pay 50% of the price;
  • orders are delivered in a way convenient for the customer.

We are confident that our cooperation will bring us both excellent results.